What are the advantages of reels?
 2022/10/17 | View:554

Reel is a kind of device which retracts hose, cable and cord on the drum to realize trouble-free rewinding conveniently and quickly. It can be pulled out manually when in use and can be retracted to the reel by driving (spring, electric, hand) after use, and can be connected with water and electricity in the state of pulling out or winding.
Reel can make hose handling more efficient and safer. Your hoses, cables and cords will last up to five times longer. You will improve hose management, which decreases labor costs. Your chances of injuries from tripping hazards will decrease, which saves lost work time, medical bills and higher insurance. You also save the expense and time to replace expensive hoses, cables and cords that get run over by forklifts and other vehicles.
Reels are widely used in various production assembly workshops, maintenance workshops, automobile beauty shops, automobile 4S shops and other workplaces. So, what are the specific advantages of the reel, let Reelcraft give you a detailed introduction.
Improve efficiency - The reel is a long-distance energy transmission device, which is very labor-saving and convenient. Hoses, cables and cords are where you want/need them. You can obtain various energy sources or tools quickly, thereby avoiding the phenomenon that the tools are scattered on the ground and searched everywhere, saving working time and improving efficiency.
Improve the working environment-The spring of the reel can retract the hose or cable, and intensively manage various hoses and cables. It changes the phenomenon that the hose, power plug, oxyacetylene hose, bulb and spray gun are scattered in disorder. Reels can be used singly or in combination, which greatly saves the factory space, improves the working environment, and enhances the image of the enterprise.
Extend the service life of the equipment -Without the use of the reel, the hoses placed anywhere will be easily damaged by strong corrosive substances. At the same time, the unintentional trampling of the workers will accelerate the scrapping of the hose. The timely contraction of the reel can avoid the above risks and extend the service life of the tool.
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