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Fire Rescue

Application Introduction

Reelcraft has developed a series of reels for fire rescue, in the field of water mist, three-phase jet, foam fire, remote water supply, vehicle dry powder and fire hose, using frame design, suitable for vehicle. High quality carbon steel, surface spray treatment, suitable for fire rescue of various extreme environmental conditions. Reelcraft also has various cable reels for fire rescue.


  • Safety

    -robust and reliable construction; Reduce hose and cable wear and improve efficiency.

  • Custom design

    -according to the fire rescue of various types of models to provide custom design, according to the use of environment can choose 304, 316 stainless steel.

  • Small footprint

    – Deliver big performance in tight spaces.

  • Application

  • High pressure water mist

  • Foam fire control

  • Three-phase jet

  • Dry powder fire control

  • Large-caliber fire wat bag

  • Hydraulic reel of remote wat supply pump vehicl

  • High-pressure break

  • Respiratory support

  • Signal cable

  • Marine platform fire protection

  • Application Case

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