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Factory Workshop

Application Introduction

In order to meet the 5S requirements of the workshop, the hoses, cables and water hoses commonly used in the workshop should be stored and managed. A large number of hose and cables are placed randomly in the workshop site, which affects the work efficiency, the cleanliness of the workshop, and also has security risks. Reelcraft industrial reels are professionally designed and made of high quality materials, which can withstand the harsh operating conditions in various industrial industries. We offer thousands of industrial hose reels and cable reels to meet your requirements while improving your operational efficiency, productivity and safety.
Improving the environment- keeping hoses and cables organized and off the ground means a safer and more efficient workplace.
Increase safety - greatly reduces tripping accidents, saving on lost work time, medical bills and high insurance premiums;
Reduce wear and tear -Hose and cord on a reel can last up to five times longer


  • Structure strengthThe base and bracket with reinforcing bars are made of high quality thickened carbon steel.

  • Corrosion-ResistantSteel components are individually powder coated to virtually eliminate corrosion.

  • Easy to MountAttaches to most structurally sound surfaces. Edges are curved for safety.

  • Drive SpringWith large torque, long service life.

  • Adjustable Guide ArmProvide five directions can be adjusted to meet different needs.

  • Stress-Free SwivelProfessional design, reach 500,000 times of service life.

  • Kinless Hose High quality PVC hose and cable.

  • Application

  • Compressed air hose winding

  • Plant workshop water delivery and flushing

  • Shop material filling

  • Workshop cable winding

  • Anti-static equipment in factory workshop

  • Tool balancer

  • Workshop welding and cutting

  • Application Case

    Compressed air hose winding

    Compressed air hose winding

    Plant workshop water delivery and flushing

    Workshop welding and cutting

    Workshop welding and cutting

    Workshop cable winding

    Tool balancer

    Tool balancer
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