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Construction Machinery

Application Introduction

Reelcraft's industrial reels are compact, all-steel, durable, suitable for vehicles and other space-limited, frequently used construction machinery, providing hydraulic drive, power transmission, high pressure cleaning and other reel solutions.
Successfully applied to pavers, milling machines, excavators, extenders, road recycling equipment, washing, and sweeping vehicles, drainage vehicles, dredging vehicles, fire engines, shield machines, wet spraying machines and other construction machinery


  • high structural strength, light weight, a large number of mold parts reduce that overall weight of the reel, can adapt to various application conditions, and can meet the vehicle-mounted vibration requirement.

  • High quality swivel, design life up to 500,000 times.

  • Special hoses and cables are available.

  • Professional design, combined with more than 50 years of reel production experience and customer demand survey, design a variety of construction machinery applications professional reel.

  • Custom design

  • Application

  • Vehicle cleaning

  • Hydraulic power transmission

  • Lubricating grease

  • Fuel delivery

  • Cable winding

  • Static discharge

Application Case

On-board refueling-spring driven, special tubing, professional filling gun 

Static discharge

Hydraulic power transmission

Material Filling

Cable Winding
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