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Electric Power Communication

Application Introduction

Reelcraft's various types of power communication reels are used for TV studio, bar, performance hall stage lighting, new energy and other industries charging system, UAV, ROV and other communication control system; Provide power, network communication, video transmission, R232 and other types of signal coil scheme. Reelcraft power communication reels are all steel structure, long life spring, can easily cope with all kinds of use environment, and can be installed for customized production. Products can be configured with relevant precious metal slip rings to meet the needs of high-end applications such as communication models, video transmission, power cables, etc.


  • High structural strength, light weight, using mold parts to reduce the overall weight, can adapt to various application conditions, can meet the needs of vehicle vibration.

  • High quality slip ring, design life of 500,000 times, precious metal slip ring can meet all kinds of precision signal communication.

  • Special flexible cable and tensile cable can be configured.

  • Capable of providing spring-driven extra-length reels up to 60 m.

  • Customized design is available. Contact Reelcraft for more information.

  • Application

  • Stage lighting power and signal

  • Fiber optic cable

  • New energy and special vehicle charging system

  • Equipment power cable

  • Live events and concerts

  • Mobile broadcasting vehicle

  • Mining operation

  • Military communication

  • Fire rescue

  • Car and crane

  • Application Case

    Factory workshop cable winding - 220V, 380V,3-12 core

    Bar, performance hall cable signal winding

    Matching mining equipment

    Power cable winding
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