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Agricultural Garden

Application Introduction

With the rise of modern agriculture, field management requirements become higher, daily irrigation, watering, pesticide spraying, seeding and fertilization, which need to transport water and pesticides through the hose, Reelcraft hand crank and motor driven reels can be very good storage hose, not only increase productivity, but also greatly extend the service life of the hose, in addition to Reelcraft also can provide a combination of mobile cart and reel.
For some short-distance watering occasions such as private gardens, Reelcraft can provide a variety of spring automatic recovery reels, which are easy to use and make work a pleasure.


  • Structural Strength

    -Base and bracket with reinforcing ribs are stamped and formed from high quality thickened carbon steel.

  • Corrosion resistance

    -Powder-coated for the highest quality paint adhesion.

  • Easy to mount

    -Base installation, easier installation and commissioning.

  • High quality swivel

    -professional design, up to 500,000 times of service life.

  • Application

  • Watering and irrigation

  • Spray seeding and fertilization

  • Turf maintenance 

  • Application Case

    Lawn Irrigation Reel

    Garden Watering Reel
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