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Food Chemical Industry

Application Introduction

The food factory has very high requirements for water quality and raw materials. The hoses are randomly piled on the ground, which is easy to breed bacteria. Chemical plant solvents have strong corrosiveness, and the hoses used are easily damaged. For a clean and sanitary environment in sensitive food processing industries, you need equipment that is dependable and durable. At the same time, equipment or raw materials tend to accumulate static electricity, chemical plants are full of a large number of flammable and explosive solvents, will bring security risks, so static discharge must be considered. Reelcraft's stainless steel reels and grounding reels are well suited to these needs.


  • Corrosion resistance

    - 304 or 316 stainless steel, or high-strength carbon steel, with special coating treatment.

  • Quality

    - More than 50 years of experience, excellent design to ensure the quality of products.

  • High quality swivel

    - design life of 500,000 times.

  • Safety

    - In the food industry, avoid the accumulation of bacteria due to hose bending; In the chemical industry, avoid solvent leakage due to hose deformation and rupture.

  • Application

  • Factory floor cleaning

  • Material handling

  • Discharge static electricity

  • Application Case

    Drinking water delivery reel

    Grounding reel
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