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Ocean Ship

Application Introduction

Reelcraft reels have been widely used in ships, offshore platforms, offshore plants, etc., mainly involving fire protection reels, fuel transfer reels, hydraulic power hose winding reels, deck flushing reels, etc. Due to the limited space of ships and offshore platforms, the use of reels can solve the space problem well and improve efficiency.


  • Corrosion resistance

    -304 or 316 stainless steel, or high-strength carbon steel, marine grade coating treatment.

  • Quality

    -More than 50 years of experience, excellent design to ensure the quality of products.

  • Safety

    -Rugged, dependable construction; Reduce hose and cable wear and improve efficiency.

  • Application

  • Fire protection for Marine

  • Fueling and lubricating liquids

  • Pressure washing

  • Electric cable

  • Gas/arc welding

  • Heavy rope storage

  • Hydraulic/pneumatic tools and equipment

  • Off shore crude unloading

  • Oil transport

  • Application Case

    Fire protection for Marine

    Pressure Washing

    Electric Cable

    Oil Transport
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