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Fuel Delivery

Application Introduction

According to the special requirements of fuel delivery, Reelcraft specially designed the corresponding professional reels for such applications, mainly divided into spring-driven (non-spark ratchet assembly), motor-driven (pneumatic motor, explosion-proof motor, hydraulic motor), and hand crank, which can meet the 1/4 to 4 inch hose needs and can be applied to gasoline, kerosene, diesel, aviation fuel and other fuel medium. Reels can be installed in a variety of platforms, vehicles, skid-mounted equipment. 


  • High structural strength, light weight, a large number of mold parts reduce that overall weight of the reel, can adapt to various application conditions, and can meet the vehicle-mounted vibration requirement.

  • Safer operation – Non-sparking ratchet assembly; explosion-proof motors.

  • Can be equipped with special hose and refueling gun for diesel, gasoline and aviation kerosene.

  • Professional design, combined with more than 50 years of reel production experience and customer demand survey, design of various types of fuel applications professional reels.

  • Custom design

  • Application

  • Gasoline and diesel oil transportation

  • Refueling truck

  • Aviation refueling vehicle

  • LNG filling

  • Gas station

  • Ship fuel filling

  • Hydraulic pneumatic transmission

  • Application Case

    On-board refueling-spring driven, special tubing, professional filling gun 

    Aircraft Refueling Vehicle-Explosion-Proof Motor, Aviation Fuel Line, Single Turn Design 

    On-board refueling-hydraulic motor direct drive, special diesel hose

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