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DLC Series is the new development of spring driven and double-supported reel. Firm structure, good anti-seismic performance, and the external rotary joint is suitable for replacement.
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  • Rotary joint external, left and right side can be installed, especially suitable for symmetrical installation.

  • Strong spring, you can choose with pressure recovery, also can provide cost-effective ordinary spring.

  • Double-supported structure bracket, spool stamping forming, the whole lightweight, and strong strength are suitable for vehicle use.

  • Appearance of plastic spraying and galvanized process, overall corrosion resistance, anti-oil.

  • Latch pawl is limited in specific position to provide corresponding working length.

  • Multiple guide arm positions provide versatile uses and easier field adjustment.

  • Swivel with 500,000 times of service life.

  • High quality hose.


  • Reel Inlet: 3/8-1 NPT(F)

  • Hose Outlet: 3/8-1 NPT(M)

  • Hose Length: 10m-25m

  • Max Pressure: 21bar-276bar(300psi-4000psi)

  • Temperature Resistance: 99℃

  • Hose Material: PVC/ Rubber

  • Finish: Powder-coated,Red(Customize reel color with special paint options)

  • Constant Tension: Optional

  • Guide Arm: 8 directions adjustment


  • Factory Workshop:Pneumatic tool;Low pressure water delivery;Oxyacetylene cutting

  • Agricultural Garden:Water delivery;Irrigation

  • Municipal Sanitation:Green conservation;Pipe dredging and cleaning

  • Oil Transport:Diesel oil delivery;Engine oil and pressure oil filling

  • Food Chemical Industry:High pressure cleaning

  • Engineering Vehicle:Grease lubrication

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